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45 votes

Why did the people of Zion never find evidence of the previous cycles?

25 votes

Why does Agent Smith refer to himself as "a" Smith, as though there are multiple Smiths?

23 votes

Why didn't the freed humans who entered the Matrix wear disguises so that the agents wouldn't recognize them?

22 votes

Why does Agent Smith need to kill Neo and Morpheus in the Matrix?

20 votes

How could the humans have rejected the program if they had no choice?

16 votes

Are there still oceans on the darkened Matrix Earth?

5 votes

Why was Neo surprised when the Architect told him there were other Ones before him?

3 votes

Why can the One fly & stop bullets?

2 votes

Was Neo's prime program given to him by the machines, or self generated?

2 votes

What "lines" did sentinels invade in The Matrix Reloaded?

0 votes

Was it lack of purpose or the machines who executed the deletion of Smith at the end of Matrix Revolutions?

0 votes

What evidence is there, besides his gold code, that Seraph is a "hardware" machine rather than a "software" program?