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24 votes

How did Bruce Banner become the Hulk at will?

12 votes

Moorcock reading order, Can I start reading Moorcock with the Dancers at the End of Time series?

8 votes

What psychological problems does Wolverine have?

7 votes

Who does The Council represent?

5 votes

How does Natasha figure out his intentions?

4 votes

Why does the Night's Watch wear black?

2 votes

Do all the different breeds of the Alien Franchise Xenomorph Queens lay the same kind of eggs?

2 votes

Are there creatures of fantasy in other countries that have the same prevelance as zombies, werewolves and vampires in the United States?

1 vote

Novel set in a future where telepaths are persecuted; one is tricked into betraying herself

1 vote

Did "Peacekeeper Wars" Let "Farscape" Finish Properly?

-2 votes

Why did J remember about K when no one else did?