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58 votes

Why did the Slytherin team opt for size over skill, given their many defeats?

23 votes

Are Hogwarts students allowed to do magic over the Christmas/Easter holidays?

17 votes

Why did Darth Sidious have Darth Vader kill the trade federation?

16 votes

Why didn't Harry Potter play as the king?

13 votes

Why does the Department of Mysteries keep prophecies?

12 votes

Why did Harry get his letter by owl instead of from someone from Hogwarts?

11 votes

Why wasn't Hermione's enchanted purse affected by the Thief's Downfall?

3 votes

Were James, Lily or Sirius in the Slug Club?

2 votes

Why didn't Hermione get an Outstanding in her Defence Against the Dark Arts O.W.L.?

2 votes

Was Voldemort a Better Wizard Than Dumbledore?

1 vote

What is the first clue that Horcruxes are Voldemort's means to achieve immortality?

1 vote

Why did Voldemort assume that no-one knew about Room of Hidden Things?

0 votes

Why didn't Voldemort kill Harry at King's Cross?