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39 votes

Movie about a boy, two men, a robot and a war

11 votes

Which Sci-Fi or Fantasy work introduced the idea of "Infinite Time Loop"?

9 votes

Five characters in search of an exit

7 votes

What race (species?) is Star Lord's dad?

6 votes

How could the Death Star II fire through its shield?

6 votes

What are the powers of "Staff of Living Tribunal"?

5 votes

How does Superman control his enhanced hearing?

5 votes

How many Emperors of the Star Wars Galactic Empire were there?

4 votes

How common are lightsaber training accidents?

3 votes

How did Rey get her blaster back?

3 votes

Jedi Gear and Weaponry

3 votes

How did the Jedi rescuers arrive on Geonosis?

3 votes

Would the Death Star split in half if an hyperspace jump failed?

2 votes

How did Palpatine's Chancellorship survive the Zillo Beast attack?

1 vote

How come neither Obi-Wan or Vader's robes caught fire prior to the high ground slope scene?

-1 votes

Which name would have appeared on the Marauder's Map for Lord Voldemort?