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13 votes

During Star Trek TOS were there only 12 Constitution-class starships in all of Starfleet?

12 votes

Why is the ship called the Shenzhou?

8 votes

Can Galaxy-class starships eject their warp nacelles?

8 votes

What was the minimum power setting of the Enterprise-D's phasers?

5 votes

Superman as a teenager long before Smallville -- was this in the George Reeves version?

3 votes

Is the battlestar's name located on both sides (port and starboard) of the ship?

2 votes

Did they have replicators on Kirk's Enterprise?

1 vote

Where does human waste go when going to the toilet in the Star Trek universe?

1 vote

Science fiction series where humans (from another world) find the Earth

0 votes

Is Wonder Woman's only weakness being bound by a man?

-2 votes

Why couldn't Harry or anybody else see Peter Pettigrew aka Scabbers on the Marauder's Map when Lupin could?