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11 votes

What is the earliest instance of time travellers harvesting/rescuing/downloading people at the point of death

7 votes

Story about a man on a spaceship who plays music to earn his living in the ship

6 votes

Slave girl chosen by dragon master to join academy in space

4 votes

When was the first time that a science fiction story mentioned the concept of a "prison planet"?

3 votes

Fantasy book series with a male human protagonist and elves with magic tattoos

3 votes

Book with space turtles (not TMNT!)

3 votes

Short story about human and alien teens(?)

2 votes

Where did the idea of genetic memory originate?

1 vote

Book Identification-Mining Robots that evolve and develop emotions

1 vote

Military Sci fi book where humans can "jack into" whatever machinery or technology they want to control

1 vote

Earliest story involving a Man-Made Creature turning on its creators?

0 votes

What order should Asimov's Foundation series be read in?

-1 votes

What does Alex Krycek say as he is dying?