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I have worked in the computer industry for 15 years through a variety of different roles from notebook/tablet repair technician, escalation call center representative, database administrator, technical trainer, and hardware & software engineering development.

While at a global OEM with 500,000 employees, there were a lot of specialized cases where solutions had to be developed outside of a normal of-the-shelf software, for example we needed to connect computer BIOS information from complete lines of computer models sold to thousands of individuals and businesses. The BIOS information allowed automatic driver and software updates. The updater required linking multiple technologies - BIOS, WMI, Windows Installer, Drivers, an XML database, with JSP pages. I was the lead for the updater project, as well as for several other projects such as - creating an ASP.NET/C# portal for worldwide support personnel that later converted to PHP/MySQL, training 200+ employees on using a KCS-compliant knowledge base for which I contributed over 500 articles.

For computer languages, I use what is required or best for the job : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, PHP, ActionScript3, VB, VBA, PowerShell, C++, C, Python with MySQL, SQL Server, XML, JSON, REST, external APIs. I am gaining mastery of NoSQL options like CouchDB, MongoDB, Google AppEngine, as well as writing games in HTML5, WebGL, and XBOX 360 (through XNA).

I like to discuss projects through diagrams, either ad-hoc or UML, ORM, or IDEF0. I am conversant in project management methodologies like SCRUM, Agile, and PMBOK.

I also create graphic, audio, and video in various formats mainly using Adobe and Microsoft products. I cannot actually draw, but am a classically trained composer and bass player.

Most recently I customize WordPress, forums, and other installable packages for organizations that need websites.

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