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109 votes

Why is The Wall still manned?

39 votes

Book with a main character who uses bells to dispel the dead

35 votes

Why are there so many infantry battles in Star Wars?

32 votes

Looking for the name of a Fantasy book where magic ability determines royalty

18 votes

Have bricks been invented in the Star Wars universe?

16 votes

Why doesn't Palpatine sense Anakin's strength?

15 votes

Why was the breaking of the wall of Helm's Deep so important in "The Two Towers" movie?

14 votes

Who are the 2 most powerful entities to battle each other directly?

12 votes

What is the "Breaking of the World" in "The Wheel of Time"?

10 votes

Why are Data's quarters near Sickbay?

9 votes

In Star Trek, has anyone ever weaponized a space-time anomaly?

7 votes

How did Kosh's lessons prepare Sheridan for war with the Shadows?

5 votes

Why couldn't the Romulans simply circumvent Starfleet's blockade?

5 votes

Is Starfleet Order 24 feasible?

5 votes

Where is Valyria located in the world of Planetos?

4 votes

Is Smaug a reptile?

4 votes

Could the Witch-king be killed without a Barrow-blade?

3 votes

Were the fabrials like soulcasters and regrowth casters made from hemalurgy by killing Radiants?

2 votes

Why is Shelob considered evil?

1 vote

Are there any Star Trek episodes whose main theme is an infection or contagion?

0 votes

Why do Jedi/Sith play a huge role in shaping the galaxy when the Force doesn't seem that powerful?

0 votes

Old book about a land surrounded by a thick fog wall where people are exiled to the other side

-1 votes

In Return Of The King, why does Gandalf say if Osgiliath falls that the city of Minas Tirith will be defenseless?