Ansgar Wiechers

My position on the CoC change regarding gender pronouns

Should I ever get suspended over something stupid like using the "wrong" pronoun nobody needs to bother re-enabling my account. I will be gone permanently.

I don't have a problem using gender-neutral language. However, I will not look up someone's "pronoun du jour" just so that I may address them "correctly", and I absolutely refuse to use "neopronouns". The attempt to enforce the use of specified pronouns has nothing to do with being inclusive or respectful. It's a power trip for some social justice warriors who want to force their personal beliefs on everyone else, and it has no merits whatsoever. If someone's identity hinges on what pronouns people use they don't have an identity in the first place.

These pronoun shenanigans are pure, unbridled insanity, and future generations will look back and ask "what on Earth were they thinking?"

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