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9 votes

Did Voldemort have a Gringotts account?

1 vote

Why didn't they teach some basic healing in Hogwarts?

1 vote

Why aren't underage wizards allowed to do magic outside Hogwarts?

6 votes

Why was the entrance to the Stone's dungeon hideout located on the third floor?

12 votes

Why did Percy, Fred and George receive their exam results so early?

14 votes

Wasn't Quirrell's whole assassination plot doomed to failure?

1 vote

What did Dumbledore tell everyone about Quirrell's death?

2 votes

Why would the Founders of Hogwarts have needed to hide from Muggles?

7 votes

Being unaware of the prophecy, for what reason did the rest of the Order of the Phoenix think Voldemort was hunting down Harry?

4 votes

Did the Order of the Phoenix know that Snape was a double-agent?

3 votes

Why didn't the Order of the Phoenix send Harry directly to a safe house from Hogwarts?