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14 votes

Wasn't Quirrell's whole assassination plot doomed to failure?

12 votes

Why did Percy, Fred and George receive their exam results so early?

9 votes

Did Voldemort have a Gringotts account?

7 votes

Being unaware of the prophecy, for what reason did the rest of the Order of the Phoenix think Voldemort was hunting down Harry?

6 votes

Why was the entrance to the Stone's dungeon hideout located on the third floor?

4 votes

Did the Order of the Phoenix know that Snape was a double-agent?

3 votes

Why didn't the Order of the Phoenix send Harry directly to a safe house from Hogwarts?

2 votes

Why would the Founders of Hogwarts have needed to hide from Muggles?

1 vote

What did Dumbledore tell everyone about Quirrell's death?

1 vote

Why aren't underage wizards allowed to do magic outside Hogwarts?

1 vote

Why didn't they teach some basic healing in Hogwarts?