Moved to NZ in 2008 from the UK. Live 40-ish miles north of Wellington on North Island. Started reading SF around 50+ years ago and got into Astronomy at around the same time with a Charles Frank Saturn 4" spherical mirror reflector that cost around a fiver. I play Runescape online and on PC, Fallout series (especially like 4 and the DLC's), Skyrim, Oblivion, Dishonored series and F.E.A.R. Love all the old cheesy '50 SciFi films and I'm still waiting for the Flying Cars that were promissed to be here now by the 50's writers and science experts ('Dogfight on 101' by Harlan Ellison springs to mind). Favorite Sci Fi books, 'Rendezvous With Rama' and 'Men Martians and Machines'. I play guitar, not on stage any more as two 4x12 Marshall cabs and a 100watt Superead valve amp started to get a bit heavy to lug around. Into some Metallica, some Zep, all of Free, all of The Who, all of Cream and all AC/DC and all of Airborne. Listen to a lot of blues and lots of 60's and 70's stuff when UK music started getting diverse. Also listen to some bands you will probably have never heaed of like Norther. Well if I think of anything else that might be vaguely interesting to anyone about me I'll post it here.

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