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44 votes

Identity novel, short story or book series... slower than light space battles, time dilation and boardings, several planets

33 votes

A movie where thorns sting a woman's feet while she's trying to infiltrate some base

30 votes

Movie where a crashed alien spaceship is discovered on Earth, with frozen alien bodies in the walls of the craft

28 votes

Science fiction novel with short stories on genetically modified "humans" living on different planets. It had "seeds" in the title

21 votes

80's Novel that has long-lived people and gyroscopes

11 votes

Book series with terraforming crew and ecstasy trees

9 votes

Sci-fi book trilogy about space travel & 'jacking'

7 votes

70s science fiction book series with intelligent alien dinosaurs/dumb Earth dinosaurs

5 votes

Science fiction book or series with a character called a Vail or Vale, a tracker who hunts the main character through space

4 votes

Why is Paul Ballard working for the Dollhouse?

3 votes

What does "LZ" mean?

1 vote

Book series about a alien spacecraft found on moon with sentient AI (female)

1 vote

Is there any known reason why the actress for Evie was changed in the third movie?