In the appendices to Dune, Frank Herbert refers to a book by Pander Oulson, a transparent anagram of Poul Anderson. How many other characters, major, minor, or single appearance, are fictionalizations of real people, whether tuckerized, roman à clef, or other disguise?


There is at least one other deliberate anagramatisation in the Dune novels;

"For a more detailed study [of Krimskell Fiber] see Holjance Vohnbrook's 'The Strangler Vines of Ecaz' "

Holjance Vohnbrook is an anagram of John Holbrook Vance, the real name of Jack Vance, a contemporary of Frank Herbert on the scifi book circuit.

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The name of the character Piter DeVries has always seemed to me a reference to American author Peter DeVries. I know of no connection between him and Herbert but it seems obvious.

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    This feels like a guess based on the fact that the names are similar. Now, if you could prove some sort of connection between them... – Valorum Aug 9 at 9:34

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