As with Wax being a descendant of Breeze, which families in Mistborn Era 2 can trace lineage back to characters from Mistborn Era 1?


as you've said, the Ladrian family (Wax, hissister Telsin, uncle Edwarn (Suit), and Edwarn's son Hinston) are descendants of Breeze and Allrianne Cett.

There are other members of the Cett family alive at the time of Era 2, Lady Aving and her heir Westweather.

A number of other noble houses have survived:

There is also Claude Aradel the Constable-General turned Governor of Elendel who is (by Word of Brandon) a descendant of Goradel

  • just fyi I don't know if this is absolutely exhaustive, I just did a quick pass over the pages on the coppermind (mainly the noble houses) – fbstj Mar 16 '17 at 8:27

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