Molly Carpenter goes through some changes in the last several (as of Mar 2017) Dresden Files novels. Specifically:

In Changes,

she becomes traumatized by helping Harry to arrange his own death

Then, in Ghost Story ,

she is living on the streets and makes even her family members nervous. I suppose it helps that Harry finds out about the memory wipe and she can work out the guilt over helping him arrange his death...

But, at the start of Cold Days,

She has an apartment which she earned for helping the svartalves and she seems closer to herself.

Has Mr. Butcher written a story which details what Molly did between Ghost Story and Cold Days to improve herself to get that apartment?

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See "Bombshells", collected in Dangerous Women (2013; George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, eds). It's the story of the Svartalves' debt to Molly, told from Molly's point of view, and it explains the apartment.

It's also a substantial piece of character development. The need to work with allies helps Molly to recover from her self-imposed isolation, and something she learns about Harry's situation gives her a renewed sense of optimism.

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