In S01E02 of Star Trek: Discovery,

T'Kuvma agreed to a peace dialog and then he rammed his ship into the USS Europa in a cloaked state. But, when his ship went invisible,

why didn't Starfleet notice it and go to red alert?

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T'Kuvma didn't cloak his ship

The Europa was rammed by a different ship under T'Kuvma's command, which was already cloaked.

This had been my impression watching the episode, but as evidence I'll submit the following:

  • The StarTrek.com database entry for Admiral Anderson leaves the attacking Klingon ship unnamed, despite having a separate entry for T'Kuvma's flagship:

    Starfleet Admiral at the Battle at the Binary Stars. He was killed when a Klingon cleeve ship attacked the U.S.S. Europa.

  • The Klingon ship appears atomized after the Europa self-destructs, but T'Kuvma's flagship is completely intact after this; there's no evidence of damage until the Shenzhou fires on it a few minutes later

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