In the Star Trek Discover S1:E2 episode Battle of the Binary Stars, we see a number Klingon Vessels. These are referred to as Klingon D7s.

In discovery, they look like this: enter image description here

My understanding was that the Klingon D7 looked like this: enter image description here

My question is: What are the Klingon Vessels in the Battle of the Binary Stars?

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    Where are they reffered to as D7? (btw don't forget they visually redesigned QUITE a lot.....see for example the klingon brid of prey). Furthermore they changed also a few tidbits of the lore.......like the klingons having a cloaking device (in tos they just gained it through a deal with the romulans in one episode)
    – Thomas
    Commented Nov 12, 2017 at 12:13

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Interestingly enough they're actually referred to as 'Klingon Vessels' throughout this episode.

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