It was a book I read in highschool where the solar system was ruled by megacorporations and the protagonist was part of an underclass living in space who were all totally bald for some reason I can't remember. I think it was relatively hard sci-fi, one of the few things I remember for sure was that their ship had a tokamak reactors and they gave a pretty thorough description of it.

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Murphy's Gambit by Syne Mitchell

Thiadora Murphy is a "floater". Born and raised to withstand a zero-gravity environment, the floaters are considered the dregs of the universe -- an outcast society of space workers who have been ostracized and nearly enslaved. Murphy thought she could rise above her floater heritage. But then she was expelled from her military academy and forced to work as a test pilot for a powerful corporation. It's a job with many risks -- and questionable rewards. Because her mission requires her to steal something from a rival company -- a faster-than-light technology that could liberate floaters once and for all....

It's listed as example of Bald Women in literature on allthetropes.wikia.com

Like all Floaters, Thiadora's head is totally bald.

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