I remember watching a cartoon when I was a young kid probably between years 1998-2004. I don't remember the plot but I think that it was post apocalyptic.

The main character (maybe even the only character) was a girl with a short straight bob (blonde I think) and I'm pretty sure she was a robot. I know for a fact she wore overalls.

The only other detail I remember is that she found a radio in a junkyard or something and she always listened to music with it. It might be foreign/not U.S made.


Could it be "Battle Angel Alita"? The main character is a girl who is a cyborg. She has a black, straight bob and lives in a place called The Scrapyard, parts of which are basically a big junkyard. I’m more familiar with the manga but there were 2 episodes of a video animation made in the nineties.

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