In Shrek the Third, Captain Hook redeems himself and says he grows daffodils. On the Shrek Forever After soundtrack, he talks to Rumpelstiltskin about his daffodil garden.

I know Tom Waits and Nick Cave played him in Shrek 2, Matt Mahaffey in Shrek Far Far Away Idol and Ian McShane in Shrek the Third, but who voiced him in Shrek Forever After?


AllMusic.com lists the writers/composers/voices of the skit Hook's Garrrrden as Ryan Crego (Director), Walt Dohrn (the voice of Rumpel) and Gina Shay (Dreamworks Producer)

It would appear that Dohrn is doing both voices, something that's most noticeable when he shifts from one character to the other and basically forgets to do the accent.

Note that the voice actor for Shrek 3 (Ian McShane) is also credited as Hook in Shrek Forever but it isn't his voice on the soundtrack.

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