There was a short story from back in the 50s or 60s, about a student who was struggling in school. Just about everyone else had knowledge downloaded/implanted into their brains. But the protagonist had to work out problem solving his tests the hard way.

Society and the protagonist felt that he was the "unintelligent" one, but in reality he was being groomed to be a true leader with well developed problem solving abilities.


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I believe you are thinking of Asimov's "Profession". Most people are 'tape-educated' via a kind of brain-induction, but our hero is told his brain isn't fit for it, and he's sent to the 'House for the Feeble Minded.'

Eventually (after most of the story) he realizes that it's actually an

Institute of Higher Studies, but that candidates have to find that out on their own and understand his place in their society.

You can read it online, here.

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