I’m looking for story set in a future world in which the Nazis won ww11 . The main character mentions 'stappers' (gestapo) and 'ceepies' (communist party) and schism of mark (Marxism).

I read it over thirty years ago and can’t remember title or author. It was in an anthology of short stories, possibly edited by Isaac Asimov


Could this be Anthony Boucher's [The] Barrier?

The first difficulty was with language.
That is only to be expected when you jump five hundred years; but it is nonetheless perplexing to have your first casual query of: “What city is this?” answered by the sentence: “Stappers will get you. Or be you Slanduch?
It was significant that the first word John Brent heard in the State was “Stappers.” But Brent could not know that then. It was only some hours later and fifty years earlier that he learned the details of the Stapper system. At the moment all that concerned him was food and plausibility.

I can't see any mention of "ceepies" though.

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