I'm looking for an online short story about the perils of indefinite copyright law. It is set in the future and watches a conversation between a lobbyist and a congressman (woman?). They are discussing a copyright bill up for vote.

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    Ah never mind, further probing of my brain got it, I was looking for "Melancholy Elephants" – user111749 Feb 14 at 21:59
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    And which you can read online; spiderrobinson.com/melancholyelephants.html – Valorum Feb 14 at 22:06

This is, I think, Melancholy Elephants by Spider Robinson.

The story is indeed between a lobbyist and a politician, and talks about the perils of extended copyright - specifically because the number of songs that can be produced is finite, based on the limited number of sounds humans can hear and the limited number of ways of combining said sounds. There is a reference to people being ruined, even committing suicide, because they thought they had come up with something original only to find it had been done before (and was copyrighted).

The title refers to the saying that an elephant never forgets, and the counterpoint (in this story) that elephants aren't happy [presumably because they can't forget].

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