Peter Quill has named two M-ships after his childhood crushes: the Milano and the Benatar, named after 1980s actor Alyssa Milano and singer Pat Benatar.

Were Milano and/or Benatar consulted? Compensated? Have they commented?

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    I can't find anything out about Pat Benatar liking/disliking the name. I've reached out to her through the usual channels. Hopefully she'll respond in due course.
    – Valorum
    Jun 4 '19 at 19:16
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    You do not, in general, consult or compensate anyone for pop-culture references in fiction.
    – OrangeDog
    Jun 5 '19 at 12:11
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    @AzorAhai I'm very close to Quill in age, and I absolutely watched Who's the Boss in that timeframe.
    – Michael W.
    Jun 5 '19 at 18:05
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    Hopefully, Peter Quill took advantage of his time on Earth to have a look at Alyssa Milano in Charmed...
    – Taladris
    Jun 6 '19 at 6:29

Q. How do you feel to have a ship named after you in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Alyssa Milano: Pretty much the coolest thing EVER!

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