The "immortal radar" mentioned in other questions does not explain how the Kurgan knew Connor MacLeod was immortal.

  • He was far away on the other side of a valley before the 1536 battle against the MacLeod clan
  • He knew that Connor was among the hundreds of people in the battle
  • He also knew it was Connor well before the battle began because he made a pact with the chieftain of the Fraser clan that only he could kill Connor.

So how did the Kurgan know Connor MacLeod was immortal?

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This was addressed in Highlander Origins: Kurgan #2. The Kurgan had a series of prophetic dreams that he would face MacLeod in the far future and that Macleod would kill him. The Kurgan sought to subvert this by finding MacLeod and killing him as a pre-Immortal.

enter image description here

Over time the dreams become more specific, showing him Connor's full name, what he looks like and, crucially, that he was a member of the Scottish clan MacLeod, providing him with a rough location.

enter image description here

From that point onwards, it was simply a matter of time before he could find an opportunity to get close to him without risking an execution.

  • That just says his dream-opponent has a sword with the name MacLeod on the hilt. The dream doesn't give a first name. Just because the sword has a name doesn't mean that is the name of the sword's owner. Do you have more specific info than a dream sword with a name?
    – RichS
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    @RichS - I've edited. The dreams were extremely specific. They stopped short of providing Connor's Social Security Number and shoe size, but that's about it.
    – Valorum
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