A while back, I asked a question on the Shrek Headscratchers page on TV Tropes and someone answered beginning with the following sentence:

A game on the DVD only allows you to rescue Fiona.

What is this DVD game? How do you play it? Is it like the Dating Game parody that the Mirror does in Shrek? Is it on the 2 Disc DVD?

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The game is on the bonus disc of the 2 disc Shrek DVD. The game is called "Rescue the Princess." It is not like the dating game; it is more like the scene where Shrek actually goes up the tower to rescue the princess. Here is a video of the walkthrough:

and here is a picture of the title screen: and here is a picture of the title screen

  • Is it on all versions of the Shrek DVD? or just the Two-disk special editions?
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