We know that red matter caused a singularity that opened a black hole pulling Spock Prime and Nero into an alternate time.

Near the end, when Spock crashes the ship into the Narada, it opens up another singularity, and the Narada gets pulled in and destroyed. Is there any official source that states where it went? Another timeline? Nothingness?

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Per the film's official novelisation, Nero's ship, The Narada was destroyed utterly, torn apart into fundamental particles, then fed directly into the maw of a black hole and crushed into the singularity at the centre.

The main bridge screen offered a final glimpse of the Romulan commander they had known as Nero: defiant, half-mad, and ultimately frustrated as he joined his ship in being crushed down into his subatomic components.

Star Trek - Novelisation

Note that Nero was unable to use the singularity to enter a different timeline

In the absence of full warp power there is no possible way you can attempt to escape by utilizing the anomaly to attempt a time shift — you have no maneuverability. None of you will survive without assistance — which we are willing to provide.”

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