This is a weird movie where they searched this empty city where the inhabitants are missing, during searching they found jewelries & metal objects on a church altar which at first they thought that it's an offering of some sort, but turns out it's just the monster pooping undigested materials.

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This sounds like the 1998 film Phantoms based on the Dean Koontz novel of the same name.

In this case the monster not only kills and eats people it absorbs their thoughts and fears. The victims, not knowing what it is, think it is a demon or Satan. Thus, in addition to leaving all the items on the altar the titular monster in the movie after killing the church full of people, thinks that is what it is. It decides it needs a gospel of its own.

If this is the movie you may also remember a scene in which severed heads of the town baker and his wife are found in an oven.

Does that sound familiar?

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