How do you justify using Stormlight-infused gems as money more valuable than dull gems? I can understand why gems - even dull ones - would qualify for currency: for the same reasons we value gold, diamonds, etc. But Stormlight itself is only valuable to beings that can use it. For most other people it's just a source of light if you don't want to use fire.

Why are Stormlight-infused gems used as a currency?

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    Are dun spheres worth less than infused ones? I think they're considered more suspect, because a dun sphere is easier to counterfeit than an infused one, but I don't think the sphere is actually worth less.
    – Harabeck
    Nov 17 '21 at 14:56

Found an answer to my own question on the Stormlight Archive wiki:

Spheres which run out of Stormlight are called dun spheres. Infused spheres are not worth any more than dun spheres, though sometimes dun spheres are suspect because it is more difficult to see the gemstone inside them[3], and sometimes a moneylender would have to be brought in to judge the authenticity of a gemstone.[2]

They're not worth more, they're just used because it's easier to prove their authenticity when they're infused with Stormlight.

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