In the Netflix mini series The Witcher: Blood Origin we see the names of places written in some different language what language is it?

enter image description here

The English translation of it is given below

enter image description here


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The subtitles at the sequence with the introduction of the character known as Lark is Elder-Speech, written in Elder-Runic.

Much is known of the language as it was invented by the Author and developed into a fully consistent constructed-language for the screen by renowned linguist David J. Peterson. It draws heavily on Celtic from the Irish and Welsh languages with some Scottish, with some connotations being taken from German and English. There are occasional Latin and Italian words such as the verbs "to be" and "to have".

The textual form of Elder Runes are as in the original book, and remain undeveloped fully and with all the quirks and inconsistencies it started with.

Inis is the Irish word for "island".

Dubh is the Irish word for "black".

Black Island- Found in the far northern seas.

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