In Star Trek III, Saavik tells David that Spock is about to go through Pon Faar, and that he will need to mate to survive. Later on, she is shown performing some kind of ritual with her hands with Spock which seems to calm him down quite a bit, but then the scene ends.

At this point, did they have intimate relations? The film really wasn't clear on this, and I couldn't tell if we were supposed to infer that or not.

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You are lead to infer that Spock and Saavik did indeed participate in the physical and mental aspects of the pon farr ritual. Spock experienced an accelerated version of pon farr due to the Genesis planet's influence in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, as a young man. He was aided by fellow half-Vulcan, Saavik.

  • Pon Farr: Every seven years, Vulcan males and females become aroused. They undergo a blood fever, become violent, and finally die unless they mate with someone with whom they are empathically bonded or engage in the ritual battle known as kal-if-fee. (In the Prime Star Trek universe - see: Memory Alpha -> Alternate reality)

Later that year, Saavik was transferred to the Grissom, where she further studied the Genesis Planet along with Kirk's son, David Marcus. There, they found the body of Captain Spock, who was believed lost. When Saavik and David found him, Spock's regenerated body was physiologically that of a child, but he aged rapidly. Saavik helped Spock through the agonies of the pon farr. After she and her companions were captured by Klingons, Saavik was almost murdered by a d'k tahg-wielding Klingon officer, though she was saved by David Marcus, who was instead violently killed by the Klingon. Saavik returned to Vulcan with the Enterprise crew, to reintegrate Spock's katra into his body, in 2285. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) --Memory Alpha -> Saavik entry

  • For Spock to have survived, it is indeed fortunate that Saavik was available, as it is considered unusual for a Vulcan to survive pon farr without the support of other Vulcans at least before the reboot of the Trek Universe in the Abrams Star Trek (2009) timeline.

I refer you to this well-crafted and informative video:

Yes, intimate relations were inferred to commence as part of the ritual of which the hand-touching was the beginning.

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