For years I've been trying to remember more about this little mini series thing they showed us in school. A class or two of us at a time would be herded into the library adn we'd all watch on a wheel-out t.v. I can't remember how many "episodes" of it we watched, but it definitely seemed to be a serial type of thing. Here's what I can recall:

  • Live action.

  • Involved kids and adults.

  • Possibly in the future? Dystopian? I seem to remember them in the forest.

  • There seemed to be a lack of knowledge in this world; not being able to read? The art of the written word? Present day children taken to the future for the knowledge they have on reading this book?

  • There was something very important about a particular book. I believe we got a little information each time, building up to having an understanding about the big goal.

  • There was something to do with music / tones, which I believe were from a synthesizer. Perhaps put in the right order to create a song? Sort of Close Encounters of the Third Kind-ish. Occasionally I can almost hear the sound of these notes. The closest I have ever heard like it would be from near the end of "Bound Too Long" by the Crystal Method.

  • There may have been some sort of emblem on the book, akin to the orin in The Never Ending Story.

  • This would have been around 1984, but I don't know how old the series might have been.

Thank you for any assistance!

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If i'm not mistaken it is "Tomes and Talismans."


  • This was my first thought as well. The year would have been a bit off, but this certainly feels correct on the other counts, to my memory.
    – PeterL
    Jan 29, 2014 at 21:55
  • I watched this in "Library Sciences" in, oh I guess it was '87. I remember the "tonal key" they had to put together, and that was what made me think of this. I looked at some of the youtube videos and the whole thing is pretty strange, but it was pbs in the 80's. Jan 30, 2014 at 16:56
  • I think that's it! Thanks so much. You wouldn't believe how long that's been stuck in my head, lol.
    – Jean CR
    Jul 20, 2014 at 2:50

I'm pretty sure it was called Storylords.


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