Arya has a list of the people she is going to kill which she starts reciting to herself before bed. Quite a few people from that list are now dead (Especially if you include the Winds of Winter sample chapter from Mercy's POV currently here)

For the people on the list, how many are dead, and how did they die?

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At the wiki entry for Arya the following list is given:


  • King Joffrey. Posioned by Olenna Tyrell.
  • Ser Amory. Eaten by Vargo Hoat's bear.
  • The Tickler. Arya killed him herself at the Crossroads Inn.
  • Polliver. Killed by The Hound at the Crossroads Inn.
  • Ser Gregor. Died in extreme pain due to the thickened manticore venom that coated Prince Oberyn's spear.
  • Raff the Sweetling. Killed by Arya under her guise of "Mercy" at the Gate, a mummers playhall in Braavos.


  • Ilyn Payne
  • Meryn Trant
  • Queen Cersei
  • Dunsen


  • The Hound


  • Ser Gregor a.k.a The Mountain (He was reanimated by the alchemist)

One might add that "the Hound" is sort of dead, at least according to the story of the elder brother of Quiet Isle.

Another interesting tidbit is the prophecy given to Cersei by Maggy the Frog, which implies that Cersei will die by the hands of "the valonqar", which is high valyrian for "little brother". Cersei always thought it was Tyrion, but perhaps it could also refer to a certain "little sister"?

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    I always assumed that the valonqar was not Tyrion, since that's Cersei's immediate interpretation and she never gets ANYTHING right. Given the events of Dance with Dragons I assumed we had finally met the valonqar, but it would be interesting if it really was Arya, perhaps in the guise of a boy...
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    I always thought that the Valonqar was Jamie, as her younger brother by a few moments. @MichaelEdenfield
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    Are we 100% sure Ser Gregor is dead?
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    @WFred I think you mean "before he dies from an infection".
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