In the Doctor Who episode 'Listen', towards the end we see

the Doctor as a young child

We never see the actor's face, and he's not mentioned in the end credits nor on the Wikipedia page for the episode, but some young lad is going to be able to say throughout his acting career that he once

played Doctor Who!

Who is the actor?

  • good question, he does not appear to be credited anywhere I can find. But just to be clear, that's still the First Doctor. :) – KutuluMike Feb 14 '15 at 22:36
  • 10
    no, in fact this kid would be the 3rd person to play the 1st doctor... – KutuluMike Feb 14 '15 at 23:06
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    An uncredited child actor (in a minor role) will usually be a relative of the Director or crew. Moffat once cast his son as "young Sherlock". – Valorum Feb 21 '15 at 10:01
  • @randal'thor - Note my comment above. When young actors are uncredited it's usually because they aren't acting in a professional capacity. – Valorum Feb 27 '15 at 23:00
  • @randal'thor - It's mere supposition. My question is, what difference would it make to the world if you found out the name of this lucky 12 year old? – Valorum Feb 27 '15 at 23:02

According to Wikipedia:

A young version of the character appears in "Listen" (2014), portrayed by an uncredited child actor.

I agree with Richard who said it was likely a relative or family friend of the crew. However they found them, I'm sure if they didn't credit them, they would find it impolite for us to put their name.


As mentioned in another answer, the uncredited actor is a boy named Michael Jones. This was confirmed in Doctor Who Magazine #519 in a feature about William Hartnell.

The Tenth Planet in October 1966. Since Hartnell's death in April 1975, several actors have given us their First Doctor. Richard Hurndall in The Five Doctors (1983) was the first to step into Hartnell's shoes, metaphorically speaking; then came former companions William Russell and Peter Purves, in various Big Finish audios; voiceover artist John Guilor, albeit briefly, in The Day of the Doctor (2013); and Michael Jones played him as a child (probably) in Listen (2014).

The Doctor Who Daily Blog on AminoApps (usually a reliable source of information about the show) indicates that he was chosen for his resemblance to a young Hartnell.

Archive footage inserted in post-production indicated that this was the same barn occupied by the War Doctor in The Day of the Doctor. Michael Jones was cast as the young Doctor, after the crew noticed his resemblance to a photo of William Hartnell as a child.

No indication is given as to where they located him from and/or whether he was a relative of the crew or production team (as is common for uncredited child cameos on BBC programmes) or from a talent agency.

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