I think the movie was very early 70s, think Columbo or MacMillan and Wife. It was about a future private investigator. He had some quirks for example he still drove a 70s era VW Beetle and he hated technology. The investigator had a voice activated typewriter, which was just an IBM Selectric typewriter with cheap mike attached.


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I believe this is the movie Computercide from 1982. It is a bit later than you listed, but has the scene with the typewriter and microphone. The following Site shows it at timestamp 4:07.


The year is 1995 and Michael Stringer is the only private eye left on Earth. One day, he is assigned by a woman to investigate Eden Isle, a complex for people who want a perfect life started by an industrialist named Korter. Interestingly, Korter is found on a beach and is 20 years younger than he was before. When he gets into the complex, he is caught in a web of mystery that he might not get out of. "

I remember Donald Pleasence in this movie stating that the egg had become obsolete because they could raise chickens that could reproduce live offspring. This was a real disappointment to the Detective because he really like eating eggs.

The old car is at 11:02.

Old Car

Typewriter with Microphone

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    This is exactly the movie. It looks like it was released in 1977 as Final Eye and then re-released under the name Computercide in 1982. Thanks Commented Aug 4, 2015 at 22:56
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