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Children's fantasy/horror novella written by Neil Gaiman, also adapted into a stop-motion animated film in 2009. Coraline, bored and neglected, find a hidden door into an eerie mirror version of her apartment house, with an Other Mother and everything arranged to please her.

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Why didn't the other mother force Coraline to stay with her when she slept in her world for the first time?

When Coraline sleeps in the other mother's house for the first two or three nights, she wakes up in her real room, as if she just apparated in her sleep. However, when she wanted to return home and ...
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Is it ever explained how Coraline's parents were abducted?

You have to go through the tiny door in the wall to reach the otherworld, and adults would be too big to fit in it. So how would Coraline's parents reach the otherworld (if they even tried) or would ...
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Is the Coraline movie trying to make a point that people should have freedom?

I know it was originally a book and I'm wondering whether the original story was trying to make a point that people should have freedom. In the Coraline movie, the main character Coraline went into ...
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In Coraline, why does everyone call Coraline Caroline, not Coraline?

In the movie Coraline all the side characters, Mr. Bobinksky, Ms. Fink and Forcible and Wybie, all call her Caroline even though she clearly tells them her name. This seems to annoy her to the extent ...
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