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For use when inquiring about philosophical matters raised in sci-fi or fantasy works that relate to the nature of the world e.g. whether the transporter in Star Trek solves the metaphysical problem of the separation between the mind and the body.

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Short sci-fi story about a metaphysician

I recall reading a very good short story about a metaphysician. He could identify intentions and motives almost instantly, and the culminating incident was when he quickly identified a group of people ...
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Is the audience laughing at Dr Alexander Murry's presentation?

In the 2018 film adaptation by Jennifer Lee of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, there is a scene where Dr Alexander Murry (henceforth Dr Murry even if his wife is also Dr Murry), played by ...
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1960s era story about writer in parallel universe being stalked by predator

I am looking for the title of a novel about a writer approached to publish books in alternative universes. As he has no natural predators one always comes into existence in each universe visited.
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In the Star Trek universe, how do we know that the transporter didn't kill you and create a replicant? [duplicate]

One of the reasons I would personally never get in a transporter is that there is no evidence that the Real Me isn't just vaporized and a Copy Me created at the other location. The Copy Me might have ...
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Scientist sets up experiment without pre-determining the outcome

His theory is that scientists pre-determine the result of experiment by their expectations and thereby influence how the world works. He sets up an experiment with no expectations and when it runs, ...
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Short story about Tibetan monks who want to know the name of God?

I can't remember the title or the author of the following story: Some Tibetan monks want to know the name of God. They buy a supercomputer in order to calculate the name. Then...
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