1. I'm near positive it's in the Strange New Worlds series
  2. It was published between 2000 and 2010 IIRC
  3. The story is from the perspective of the ship's computer
  4. Somehow the crew is incapacitated (IIRC Mr. Data as well) the ship performs the heroic rescue/saving of her crew which no one will ever know.
  5. I don't recall this story winning any of the prizes, though it may have.

Can someone identify this story?

  • Whilst I know this is of a different era/series, it does sound slightly reminiscent of ST:Titan - Synthesis, there the ships computer is accidentally raised to Artificial Intelligence by a race of AI's, >! the ship later disobeys Captain Riker and sacrifices its own AI Matrix to stop the null – MrDobilina Dec 9 '15 at 15:03

Having read through every summary available on Memory Beta of all the TNG stories in the 'Strange New Worlds' books, the closest I could find was'Of Cabbages and Kings' in Strange New Worlds Vol I (1998):

The USS Enterprise is transported, without its crew, to an alternate universe, and has to develop its artificial intelligence to survive.

Not having read the story I can't provide much more information than that sorry, although it would be possible that this could fit the description. That being said it is rather vague; my apologies!

Also bear in mind that several of the summaries were blank, so there are a couple of stories I wasn't able to make a judgement about.

  • Your name speaks for itself. Thx bud. – Athena Widget Dec 9 '15 at 4:11

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