Watching DS9 and heard the phrase 'it is a good day to die' and couldn't remember hearing it in early TNG episodes, but thinking it surely it came from TNG first, I just can't recall which episode and who said it.

Canon and book answers are viable, but looking for real world timing, not in-universe (ie - if it was first written in a book and then incorporated into the series later, that is fine (and interesting) but a book written in 2015 about the history of Khaless uttering the phrase centuries in the past wouldn't count)

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The first use in Trek appears to be TNG: Sins of the Father in Season 3, aired in March 1990.

DURAS: You will not wear the emblems of our people. You are a fool and your challenge can only result in a fool's death.

WORF: It is a good day to die, Duras, and the day is not yet over.

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