I’m looking for a fanfic I must have read pre 2013, it’s a long one and is probably is part of a series. I’ll do my best to recall details, I think the vets I remember are likely split over two parts or a sequel.


  • Harry/Ginny;
  • Ron/Hermione;
  • Luna/Neville

Setting: preparing to kill Voldemort (I think post Order of the Phoenix, without horcruxes). Sticking quite close to cannon in terms of characters.

  • A big focus on power of love magic and wandless/wordless magic. There was a test that Kingsley would cast in DADA (believe he was the teacher) that gave people a power score /100 on the strength of their wandless magic.

  • Harry is later a DADA professor and spends a fair bit of time in the staff room. And becomes quite good friends with Snape - not too sure about this

  • Harry bonds with Fawkes and they are companions and they communicate through thought. Vaguely think there was a quote like ‘Fawkes has a wicked sense of humour’

  • Harry later becomes Phoenix animagus

    • Fawkes tries to teach him to sing Phoenix song
  • later in the story Luna also is able to become a Phoenix

  • Arthur runs for minister for magic. Voting happens through a tent with two channels and voters must cast a spell at an orb which gets brighter depending on the power of the caster

  • Luna (100/100 on the test) votes for Arthur her vote makes the orb extremely bright and he ends up minister for magic

  • Harry Ginny get married and have a child (think it was a boy James). They move into a cottage.

  • Harry becomes a Goes out at night through the bedroom window to spend time as a Phoenix
  • there was tension as Harry is essentially immortal
  • they don’t use wands around their son to encourage him to use wandless magic
  • Harry is getting him to name colours of wooden blocks and trying to get him to change their colours
  • son makes a block turn ‘BLUE!’ With wandless magic
  • " They move into a cottage, Harry becomes a" - a word seems to be missing :) – Jenayah Jan 21 at 23:46
  • 1
    Love magic, scored on 100, Phoenix Animagus, Harry being a DADA teacher, make me think of the answer I provided to Harry Potter Fanfic - “Professor Potter” and the power of love magic but some things don't quite seem to match. Could you please take a look, tell us if it might be that one or another one altogether? :) – Jenayah Jan 21 at 23:49
  • @Jenayah I have read through the entirety of that fic and Harry is a panther/African Lion animagus, not a phoenix. Also Luna Lovegood is a falcon animagus. Harry never has kids in that one either. – Neo Darwin Jan 22 at 11:15
  • 1
    @NeoDarwin hm, previous OP may have conflated two stories then. The dragon figurine seemed pretty unique enough to match – Jenayah Jan 22 at 11:25
  • @Jenayah That story is not a trilogy either. – Neo Darwin Jan 22 at 11:27

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