I don't remember much about this one, not even whether it was a short story or a novel, but it had a satirical tone. The protagonist kept getting shunted forward in time, probably by suspended animation rather than time travel, a few years to decades at a time. At each stop, the world had become more overpopulated, more fractious, and more balkanized, so that toward the end there were separate nations in different floors of a building in Mexico City, with the threat of war between floors. The protagonist keeps hoping that people at the next stop will make better sense, but so far...

Considering my reading habits, this was most likely written in the 1960s to 70s and may have been published as an English-language novel or in an anthology. I've been trying to think of more details, but so far, nothing.

  • It sounds like Kornbluth, but I don't think it actually is. – Buzz Oct 17 at 4:25

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