I remember watching a cartoon (idk if it was an anime) on Netflix in which a 10-year-old blonde girl finds like a plushie on the road and picks it up. But the plushie is actually a prince who was banished from his kingdom by his mother. The plushie/prince can talk too. Then the prince somehow gives her some powers using which she can turn into an adult and help people.

Now, this girl is like in a school club, and she makes two friends there. The two friends also get the powers and become adults to help people. I think one of them had orange hair and the other black. One of the girls was also very energetic.

Now this prince can only turn into human sometimes and the prince and the blonde have something going on. The prince also has a brother I think??

This was the basic plot I remember.

I also remember that in one episode they help an overweight girl lose weight so that she can ask out her crush. The orange haired one turns into an adult and starts coaching her.

Note: I'm not asking about LoliRock


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This is my other account and I found the name of the show by myself. It's called Flowering Heart btw for those who are also searching for it.

The first season of the Flowering Heart series which first premiered on February 26th, 2016 and ran for 26 episodes. It received a redub as well as an English dub. With the world of magic being slowly corrupted by Hopeless Energy, Prince Chess flees to the Human World to prevent the withering of the Heart Flower. Three fifth-graders of the Problem Solving Club, Ari, Suha, and Min, finds him as a strange-looking hamster form. They later team up to collect Hopeful Energy to save Flowering Kingdom. Unbeknownst to them, Prince Trump and Shuel, their enemies, are seeking Hopeless Energy.

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