I'm having trouble. I'm a trade paperback person and somewhat new to comics (sorry for all the questions I have). I check them out at my local library. I was just wondering:

• If I read trade paperbacks like the masterworks, is there a specific order to read up on each member (ex. Hulk, Thor) before reading Avenger's masterworks?

• Or should I read each character's large history then go back and read the Avenger masterworks?

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Well there's no reading order per se, all major marvel characters were "born" in a short timeline between 1961 and 1964, creating Avengers was a logical decision to counterbalance DC's teams (Mostly Justice League of America). What i mean is, if you start Avengers from the start you won't miss a lot in the storylines, the only thing you could do is start with Thor, since the villain in Avengers 1 is Loki, but again you won't miss a lot by not doing that. Crossovers came a bit later

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