What is the origin of Scruffy's (the Planet Express janitor) accent?

I noted he says at one point (what sounds to my ear) like:

Jail's not s' bad. You can make Sang-Gree-a in the turlet.

I interpret that as:

Jail is not so bad. You can make Sangria in the toilet.

My best guess would be South-Eastern United States. Can anyone confirm, and narrow it down?

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    To my knowledge, Dave Herman has never publicly stated what his inspiration for Scruffy's accent was. With that in mind, it probably becomes a case of simply finding the accent that best corresponds with the Scruffy voice. Unless someone can contact Dave Herman and ask him. Commented Jan 1, 2014 at 11:07

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Scruffy Scruffington is voiced by Actor Dave Herman

enter image description here

According to the Futurama "Infosphere" His accent is a takeoff of Billy Bob Thorton's character; Karl Childers in the movie Sling Blade which is set in rural Arkansas

enter image description here

There's an interesting video here that has David Herman talking about being "the voice of Scruffy"

  • Thanks for the extra info. Oh well, I think this matter has been well addressed in any case. ..Have to say I really love the animated GIF of Scruffy with one of his magazines. Those are classic. "Scruffy's gonna' die like he lived.. Uh-huh" Commented Jan 1, 2014 at 20:01

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