I remember they imported dolphins but not sharks for some reason I don't remember. The story involved a spaceship crewman, I think he was in trouble for some reason. I think there were some planet citizens revolting against an interstellar government and the crewman ended up getting tied up with the rebels somehow.

I hope I'm not confusing two stories in my head, but I can't say for certain that I'm not.

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The dolphins are on the planet Maui-Covenant, the location of The Consul's Tale: "Remembering Siri" in Dan Simmons Hyperion.

It was during the First Reunion, that time on the Archipelago, when Siri took me to talk to the dolphins.
The translator disk had twisted around so it trailed over Siri's shoulder. I reached to shut it off but paused as the answer to my question buzzed urgently in our ears.
miss Shark/miss Shark/miss Shark/miss Shark/Shark/Shark/Shark
I turned off the disk and shook my head. I did not understand.


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