Is Cybertron the only Transformers planet the creators had seeded?
If yes, does that mean Lockdown is a Cybertronian? Or is he an independent custom rendition of the Creators?

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    I suppose not, as Lockdown works for the creators, hence I'm curious about their origins. – Stark07 Oct 3 '14 at 4:07

Within Age of Extinction itself, there is no direct evidence that Cybertron was seeded.

There is, however, evidence of other planets being seeded - including Earth.

Cade: Wait. The Seed?

Tessa: Those nasty soldiers that were chasing us. I saw them board the ship and they took something that they called the seed.

Hound: Listen. Sixty million years ago, give or take an eon...

Optimus: Thousands of planets were cyber-formed with Seeds. They turned your organic life into our elemental metals. Our creators destroyed your world to make us.

Whether or not Lockdown is a Cybertronian is left unspecified within the movie, but he has one quote that makes it sound as though he at least pre-dates the two factions.

Lockdown: Autobots, Decepticons, like little children: always fighting, making a mess out of the universe. Then I've got to clean it up.

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