Everyone keeps mentioning how in Alien 3, the first thing to get infected/eaten is a dog. I seem to remember this happening to a rottweiler. But I just saw Alien 3 and the facehugger killed a bull and the alien busted out of that. Did I watch a directors cut with a bull instead of a dog?

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If you watch the Assembly Cut on the DVD/ bluray sets (the equivalent of the directors cut, however Fincher refused to be involved), it is a bull like creature that they farm on the prison planet that is the first thing to be a host. The dog was part of the studios considerable recutting .

It's worth watching the Assembly cut, it's far from the sequel you hope for, but a hundred times better than the release version.

  • I can't remember the original version but the "Assembly cut" seems to be a lot better at showing the world outside. I am not sure what other differences there are. – puk Jan 10 '12 at 10:00
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    The Special Edition DVD & Blu-ray section in the Wikipedia listing details the changes, over 30 mins, and generally the film makes much more sense. – The Wandering Dev Manager Jan 10 '12 at 13:38
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    My Alien quadrillogy DVD set has all the versions and I do recall the cow-like creature being first in one of the cuts. The dog was definitely in the theatrical version that I saw at the cinema. – Paul Gregoire Jun 21 '12 at 17:44

It's always the pet dog in any version I've seen. The dog is a pet of one of the inmates. And when the alien busted out it was in one of the air vents, I can't see a bull wandering around the air vents!

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    lol it's not in the air vents. They bring the bull in from the outside after it died of 'natural causes', then one of the guys SPOILERS---- picks up a facehugger underneath the corpse and he's like "WTF is this?!?!?" – puk Jan 10 '12 at 10:32

I am watching Alien 3 streaming and a bull is infected, but the first time I watched it I recall it was a Rottweiler.

I think they changed it to a bull because it more videogenic



Bull vs Dog

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It was originally supposed to be a cow/ox, the cow was made & filmed but the studio then decided against it as the Xenomorph would have been too bulky and slow. That's the reason it was then changed to a dog (faster)

The whole idea was a mistake in my eyes as the CGI took a lot away from the film for me.

Alien 3 as a whole was a great concept 'Prison with no weapons etc' just poorly executed.

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    For completeness’ sake: Most of what you probably consider to be bad CGI, actually is not. It’s another kind of bad special effects. (Wikipedia on this) – Wrzlprmft Sep 8 '14 at 20:14

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