The X-Files: Season 10 is a comic book continuation of The X-Files television series and films that (apparently) picks up from where the film I Want to Believe leaves off. The first issue was released by IDW Publishing in June 2013. X-Files creator Chris Carter is the executive producer of the comic book and it is considered canon.


Now that the Fox Network and Chris Carter have announced the creation of a six-episode X-Files television miniseries (to begin airing in January 2016), will Season 10 still be canon? If Season 10 is still canon, then how will the miniseries and Season 10 be related to one another in terms of in-universe chronology?

  • It's going to be confusing now - I've seen a lot of articles referring to the TV miniseries as "Season 10". Jan 24 '16 at 22:00
  • @pacoverflow : Indeed, which I think further supports the answer below — this "Season 10" is overwriting the comic book one.
    – Praxis
    Jan 24 '16 at 22:02

No, Season 10 will not be canon.

I have been aware for some time of an XFN (X-Files News) interview with Chris Carter from March 2015 in which he commented on Season 10 in regards to the miniseries. Wikipedia cited this interview in a vague way, saying

Carter also revealed that the miniseries' plot has no connection to the Season 10 comic book series...

This wording is ambiguous. It might mean that Season 10 is no longer canon, or it might mean that Season 10 is still canon but the miniseries will not overlap with any of its plot lines.

Until recently, any links I found to the original XFN article (including the one at Wikipedia) were broken, and searching on Google and the XFN site directly did not produce the interview.

However, a Reddit post I found today contained a working link:

The wording in the actual article is less ambiguous:

Carter also clarifies that while he thinks that IDW's The X-Files: Season 10 plot lines are very interesting, they won't be used in the revival of the TV show.

I interpret this as saying that Carter is distancing himself from those plot lines and revoking the canon status he previously granted to the comic series.

  • Based on what you quoted (clicking the XFN Exclusive link results in a server error), it could still mean that Season 10 is canon but the miniseries won't overlap any of its plot lines. Dec 28 '15 at 16:12

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