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Questions tagged [after-earth]

After Earth is a 2013 film in which all of Earth's residents have moved to a planet called Nova Prime.

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Why didn't Kitai bring more containers of breathing liquid?

In After Earth, Kitai needs to leave the safe air of the spacecraft and go out where the air is harmful, so he grabs some containers of breathing liquid. The weird thing is he grabs the bare minimum - ...
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How was the air in the movie After Earth Contaminated? [duplicate]

I just watched the movie After Earth. The air on the planet Earth, one million year after Humanity left it is still Contaminated. But there are still a large variety of flora and fauna flourishing. ...
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What are the links between "After Earth" and Scientology?

I've seen a couple of comments about Scientology and the movie After Earth, and it seems like there may be a belief that the movie is a thinly-veiled propaganda piece for Scientology. In what ways ...
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Why were the Ursa designed to track solely by fear?

In After Earth, the Ursa are apparently bio-engineered to kill humans (for unspecified reasons). Part of this bio-engineering is that apparently their makers (again, for unspecified reasons) decided ...
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In the movie After Earth, why were humans unable to breath Earth's atmosphere?

In the movie, After Earth: Why did Humans who were not native to Earth appear to be unable to breathe on Earth without technology? I don't remember anyone explaining why humans couldn't breathe there....
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Isn't it unrealistic that "After Earth" characters use English, considering the setting?

According to Wikipedia, the plot goes as follows: In the near future, after humanity abandoned Earth after cataclysmic events, they re-established society on the planet Nova Prime, light years ...
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